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Chicken Carbonara is October's Pizza of the Month

A true Italian tradition.  We start off with a creamy carbonara sauce.  Next, we add garlic chicken, bacon, broccoli, and pasta.  Finally, we top it off with our delicious mozzarella cheese.

Welcome to Eaton's Fresh Pizza in Fond du Lac!  We have been serving the Fond du Lac community premium take and bake pizzas for over 40 years.  From helping local charities, to feed you on family pizza night, we are apart of your everyday life.  We are filled with happy upbeat associates dedicated to bringing you the freshest possible food and brightening your day.

We feature as many local food products as we can find.  We sell honey, BBQ sauce, salsa, garnishes, and popcorn produced in Fond du Lac county.  Several others, including hot sauce, maple syrup, root beer, and gourmet chocolates are made just outside Fond du Lac.  We are truly engrained in the community and look forward to many years to come.


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